About the survey

Record of the Day

Record of the Day is an independent company, based in London, that publishes a weekly PDF magazine and a daily email newsletter featuring the most relevant and up-to-date music industry and media news together with soundclips of the best new music.

Following the launch of advance ordering for Radiohead's new album, In Rainbows, Record of the Day decided to setup an online survey to see what price fans chose to pay for the downloadable version of the album, in MP3 format, which was released on 10th October 2007.

The survey

The following questions were asked in an open, 'honesty box' style, survey (* denotes a required answer):

Survey Questions (01)
Survey Questions (02)

  1. What price did you choose?*
    Fans were asked to type the price (between £0.00 and £99.99 sterling) they chose for the downloadable version of In Rainbows.
  2. Country?*
    Fans were asked to indicate which country they were in.
  3. Got something to say?
    Fans were invited to leave a comment along with their submission.

  4. Will you buy the CD version of in Rainbows as well?
    Options included: Yes/No/Undecided
  5. Will you buy the Discbox version of in Rainbows as well?
    Options included: Yes/No/Undecided/Not Applicable - I already bought the Discbox