Results: respondents who didn't plan to buy the CD later

The following figures are taken from submissions where the buyer answered NO to the question; "Will you buy the CD later?". Options included 'no', 'yes' and 'undecided'.

Survey question

Average price per download £3.58

25% of respondents in this group said that they had decided to pay £0.00-0.01

57% said that they had paid between £0.02 and £10.00 for the download.

3% paid between £10.00 and £39.00 for the download.

15% said they had paid £40.00 for the download (which came free with the discbox)

1 buyer in this group said he/she paid £99.99 for the download.


* Note: Discbox Buyers received a free copy of the album in MP3 format (Discbox price: £40.00)